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Domestic supply of LDPE shred materials was stable. Goods holders shipped at a good price and importers ordered cautiously. Overseas quotation was firm. Downstream attitudes were clear in the market. Buyers procured at a small amount. Latest Market Price: LDPE mottled shred materials 3,650 RMB/T, LDPE clear top granules 7,800-8,000 RMB/T, LDPE mottled granules 4,200-4,600 RMB/T.

Domestic PP supply was stable and downstream buyers inquired obviously and procured on demand. Goods holders quoted firmly. Smooth shipment on recycled materials improved scrap market and trading atmosphere was active. Traders had optimistic mentalities. Latest Market Price: PP white granulation of ton bags 6,000-6,500 RMB/T.

Domestic PMMA market became better, and customers inquired more. Traders were more interested in the goods of Japan. The whole trading volume was acceptable. Latest Market Price: PMMA plates 2,280 RMB/T.

Domestic PVC market was steady and supply was stable. Downstream buyers received goods positively and trading atmosphere was good. Goods holders quoted firmly. Latest Market Price: PVC white rubber 3,300-3,500 RMB/T.

Domestic PA market was stable. Stock could meet the needs of the downstream buyers. Buyers inquired more and procurement was better. Some buyers procured on demand. Latest Market Price: PA6 injection molding 9,300-9,800 RMB/T.

Domestic PET price was stable, supply was adequate. Trading atmosphere was better and traders’ confidence was recovered. Latest Market Price: PET clear fabrics 7,300 RMB/T.


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